Drug & Alcohol Prevention Community Coalitions

The VOA Western Nebraska is committed to developing community-based healthcare solutions to address mental health and substance abuse. Our coordinated care model involves working closely with community provider-partners to address the full range of individual needs. Our long legacy of service shows that this is the best way to profoundly and permanently transform lives. 


VOAWN participates in the promotion of knowledgeable community coalitions to support the reduction of underage alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use and to combat mental health issues. Local Deuel and Garden County coalitions partner with the larger Panhandle Prevention Coalition, consisting of the eleven counties of the Nebraska Panhandle.

Panhandle Partnership Prevention Coalition


Volunteers of America Western Nebraska serves as the fiscal agent and offers oversight to the coalitions. DHHS and Drug-Free Community grants provide funding to support these initiatives. Data is provided by the Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor survey and other sources.

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services


Education and communication are pivotal in these environmental strategies. We work closely with each coalition to provide access to current prevention data to plan and implement prevention strategies, facilitate community training and provide technical assistance as needed to strengthen prevention coalitions.

The focus of the coalitions has shifted from the individual to environmental strategies. Environmental strategies are proven to be more effective, efficient, and sustainable while producing lasting results. Through these coalition initiatives and health policies, our youth develop and nourish unimpaired neural pathways that will produce healthy and happy adults.


Garden and Deuel County Youth Coalitions promote drug-free athletics, encourage building positive assets for all young people, sponsor student-created media campaigns for the school, and receive national-level training in evidence-based interventions.