Food Pantry

The VOAWN Food Pantry is open to the public and anyone who requires food assistance.

No one in our community should go hungry. The VOAWN's Health & Nutrition Programs and Food Pantry Project work to combat food insecurities within the panhandle region of Western Nebraska.

The critical components for measuring success at VOAWN are continued community outreach, quality human service programming, and the number of individuals served. The VOAWN Food & Nutrition Programs checks all those boxes by operating a Full-Access Food Pantry for over eight counties in rural Western Nebraska. This service is provided five days a week, 8 hours per day. Items include fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, unique diet options, and ingredients to stock in a household pantry. 

We have updated our Food Pantry hours due to staff shortages. We will update our hours as soon as we can. Thank you for being so patient!

  • Monday 1PM - 4PM
  • Tuesday 1PM - 4PM
  • Wednesday 8AM - 4PM
  • Thursday 1PM - 4PM
  • Friday CLOSED
  • Saturday CLOSED
  • Sunday CLOSED

The food pantry is a critical service as several counties in the Nebraska Panhandle and surrounding areas are considered high poverty areas by the United States Census Bureau and designated as USDA food deserts. The ongoing expansion of our program's physical infrastructure has allowed for an approximate 87% growth in pounds of food made available, from 76,800#s in 2019 to over 150,000#s in 2021. Our health and nutrition program is forecasted to exceed 175,000#s in 2022, allowing further support to combat food insecurities within our region.

Anyone is eligible if they require food assistance.


Volunteers bring food from the food bank to the Volunteers of America Western Nebraska food pantry. Donations of time, food, and money make it possible to keep the food pantry full as the number of people who need food assistance increases.

Each year Volunteers of America Western Nebraska provides Christmas Baskets for families in need. Youth groups raise funds and collect food, and church members and community groups donate cash and additional resources. School children volunteer their time to put together Christmas boxes for those in need.